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Dr Mark Lopez is Melbourne’s best VCE English Tutoring choice for students wanting to improve their University entrance ATAR rankings. Mark helps motivated students GAIN HIGHER VCE SCORES for SACs, exams and ATAR – as well as improving learning capacities and essay writing skills.

  • Offering ELITE private tutoring for VCE in English in Melbourne
  • Highly effective STUDY GUIDES and ADDITIONAL NOTES for your coursework, texts and exam preparations

VCE English Tutor, Dr Mark Lopez, is now accepting students for VCE English Tutoring

  • Effective English tutoring for higher marks for VCE, SACs, exams, essays and ATAR
  • Melbourne location
  • Advanced text notes and study materials provided.
  • Proven results and higher ATAR scores for motivated students
  • Highly experienced in secondary and tertiary tutoring in English, the Arts and Humanities

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Phone or text Dr Mark Lopez on 0419 310 958 to get started with his life-changing study methods which help students get HIGHER SCORES on exams, essays and other VCE English coursework related to ATAR ranking.

Or email him on: drmlopez@bigpond.net.au 

VCE English Tutoring in Melbourne

  • Melbourne tutor in English, Essay Writing
  • Real Learning and High Results

Real learning and EFFECTIVE exam skills AVAILABLE through private English Tutoring with Dr Lopez

GAIN high VCE year and ATAR results with specialist VCE Tutoring in English

From Dr Mark Lopez:

Students gain many BENEFITS from my English tutoring methods, text notes, study skills and essay writing improvement techniques:

  • Choosing a TUTOR with a proven track record and OVER 25 YEARS of specialist English tutoring expertise will enable your child to learn BETTER STUDY SKILLS for less stressful exam taking and essay writing
  • Motivated students who attended weekly English TUTORING sessions achieved much higher marks than they anticipated
  • For more information, read my Google reviews or visit my TESTIMONIALS page to hear what students and parents had to say

Private English Tutoring enables a focused more confident approach to university entrance exams

“I specialise in elite English Tutoring for entry into competitive University courses such as Law, Medicine, Bio-Med.” Mark Lopez, PhD

  • Offering VCE tuition in English
  • I help students achieve higher scoring results for VCE, SACs, exams, and ATAR

VCE Year Students:

If you are highly ambitious or struggling; if you want feelings of confidence to replace anxiety, you have found the right VCE TUTOR for English, Dr Mark Lopez.

Parents of VCE Year High School Students: are you feeling stressed? Getting your child an English Tutor can make all the difference to how you feel about the VCE Year.

  • I understand the tension and fears VCE Study issues bring to families
  • The stress of going through a VCE year reverberates through the entire family  
  • But with private ENGLISH TUTORING for VCE English with Dr Lopez, parents and students can rest assured that they are no longer alone.
  • Have a problem or want to gain entry into a top University program?
    • I can assist you to remedy your study issues and VCE testing concerns.
    • With top English tutoring strategies and encouragement, I help dedicated students reduce their study stress and learn how to achieve higher scores.

VCE year tensions need to be reduced so that everyone in your family is relaxed and happier – even the pets!

“Your student will NOT only benefit for VCE exams and coursework, they will be set up for University because they have been taught the art of proper scholarship.” English Tutor, Dr Mark Lopez

This is an ELITE TUTORING service for those who want that level of quality academic support.

Melbourne’s elite English Tutor, Dr Mark Lopez

  • I am accomplished academically, having achieved a PhD
  • I am also a published author of three books (so far) and many articles and commentaries in the media

When I started TUTORING as an undergraduate, my innovative and highly effective methods brought such splendid results for my students, it inspired me to SPECIALISE in English and study skills tutoring for high school students and university students who need help with ENGLISH and EXAMS.

My intention has been to push the boundaries of private tutoring to NEW LEVELS OF EFFECTIVENESS so that you can have a more accomplished, less stressful VCE year.

  • Please call or message me and tell me what you think I can do for you.
  • Phone: 0419 310 958 or email me at: drmlopez@bigpond.net.au.

Ample parking nearby, convenient public transport links, CAFES or SHOPS, beaches and parks close by for parents to relax while their student learns – however, parents are WELCOME to sit in on SESSIONS if they wish.


Best English Tutoring Methods in MELBOURNE – effective text notes and study guides

Convenient location for VCE English Tuition – close to South Eastern suburbs, Bayside, Brighton, Elwood, St Kilda, Toorak, South Yarra, Prahran, Armadale, Albert Park, Middle Park, and more.

Mark Lopez PhD is  Melbourne’s best choice for private or small group ENGLISH TUTORING for VCE, SACs, exams and ATAR.

Specialist VCE English Tutor – Dr Mark Lopez (you can also find me on Melbourne Tutor Finder)

Expertise in VCE English Tutoring for:

  • Senior High School VCE students
  • School entrance exams
  • High ATAR rankings to enter Medicine, Law or Bio-Med
  • comprehensive notes on texts and coursework
  • Less stressful EXAM methods

Private English Tutoring – Dr Mark Lopez can help you to improve your VCE score.

  • Top Tutor: Over 25 years of experience as an elite Tutor
  • Author of effective study guides and publications about the Australian education system (education researcher/commentator)
  • Track record in helping STUDENTS attain HIGHER results for VCE – for all crucial exams needed for top University entrance scores.
  • Author of effective student STUDY GUIDES for essay writing and exams:
    • The Little Black School Book, Volume 1 (Essays)
    • The Little Black School Book, Volume 2 (Exams)

Why CHOOSE Dr Lopez for your English tuition for essays and exams?

Because Dr Mark Lopez has developed some of the BEST English Tutoring methods for high school students taking VCE year courses and English exams.  
  • Not only are Dr Mark’s tutoring methods highly effective, they make learning FUN.
  • Excellent text notes are also provided to Dr Mark’s students

From Dr Mark Lopez:

  • Students will find they ENJOY having English Tutoring LESSONS. We share a laugh or two – all while your knowledge and skills are improving.
  • I hope that you will look back on your tutoring experience as being one of the most rewarding educational experiences in your life.
  • This tutoring will also help you become better prepared for your university years – whichever course you enrol in – be that Law, Medicine, Vet Sciences, Bio-Med, Engineering, Commerce or the Arts and Humanities


  • I provide the quality education you always wanted for your child from which they will BENEFIT throughout their lives and in future educational pursuits.
  • I help YOU and your student to be far less stressed because your child will be fully supported and focused.


  • I will provide you with an enriching and enjoyable educational experience for learning that enables you to EXCEL in a less stressful manner.
  • You may eventually look back fondly on this learning as a genuinely effective foundation for your future educational achievements.

Grades are extremely important and they should be a priority. But a quality education is its own reward.

TUTORING REVIEWS of Dr Mark Lopez (search for me on GOOGLE – English Tutor Mark Lopez – for more online reviews from prior students)

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Sample Review:

‘Dr Lopez’s tuition provided me with a sense of extreme confidence in my English abilities. Consequently, I was able to outperform many of those whose only advice and guidance was provided by teachers who never seemed to go beyond “do the best you can”. Dr Lopez’s tuition allows his students to stand out.’
Ying, English 45/50 ATAR 98.45, graduated to study LAW

‘I walked out of my first lesson almost overwhelmed by how well I understood all those complex ideas. I knew I had a tutor who could actually teach the high level of writing skills for this demanding subject. It was a great feeling when my marks improved dramatically, especially when one of my essays was used by my class teacher as an example for the other students to follow.’
Duy, ATAR 96%

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I look forward to helping YOU and YOUR CHILD excel in their VCE year with LESS stress and MORE success!

Dr Mark Lopez, Author of The Little Black School Book series (v.1 and v.2) and Private English Tutor for VCE, SACs, exams and ATAR.


Phone or text Dr Mark Lopez on 0419 310 958 to get started with these life-changing study methods to reach HIGHER scores on exams, essays and other VCE English coursework rankings (ATAR).

Or email him on: drmlopez@bigpond.net.au 

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