Mark Lopez, PhD – Melbourne’s Specialist English Tutor for higher ATAR scores and VCE (English)

Specialist VCE English Tutor, Dr Mark Lopez, has over 25 years of experience in English Tuition for high school students, helping them enter prestigious courses like Medicine and Law. He is the author of highly effective Study Guides and original text notes for students wanting top scores.

Why hire a private VCE English Tutor?

The VCE years are stressful for parents and student alike. But students wanting to improve university entrance scores (ATAR, SACs and exams) need assistance to excel in an increasingly competitive education environment.

Students will find excellent tutoring support and study resources with Dr Mark Lopez’s proven methods for higher scoring, more effective learning and less stressful exam-taking.

VCE year STRESS needs to be reduced so that everyone in your family feels happier and more relaxed during the VCE year – even the pets will notice!

Using best practice tutoring methods and customised study materials for VCE English, you will become MORE empowered and feel LESS STRESSED during your VCE studies and the exam season.

  • As an elite tutor, I have limited places, so be sure you enrol EARLY to avoid disappointment.
  • My rates are $75 per hour for private tutoring in English.
  • For small groups (minimum 2 students per session), it is $45 per hour per student
  • Read more on my HOME page including HOW I work with VCE year students for HIGHER scores on exams, SACs, ATAR ranking and more!

Students will find excellent tutoring support and study resources with Dr Mark Lopez’s proven methods for higher scoring, more effective learning and less stressful exam-taking.

About Dr Mark Lopez: VCE Specialist Year 11 and Year 12, English specialist, essay writing specialist, study skills specialist, additional exclusive study notes on texts and coursework provided, exam preparation and testing for performance improvement, guidance and mentoring and support for every step of the way.

  • Top Tutor: over 25 years of experience as a tutor and author of innovative and effective study guides.
  • Track record in helping students attain high results for VCE scores crucial to university entrance

Top Study Guides and Text Notes.

The Little Black Schoolbook, Volume 1 (Essays), The Little Black Schoolbook, Volume 2 (Exams)

Plus, when you choose me as your Tutor, I have effective text notes and other study materials designed to HELP YOU excel at your English exams and essays


Dr Lopez has also published The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics 1945-1975. Details: Mark Lopez, PhD Publications.

Information for students considering tutoring assistance:

Please read my HOME page for more information (click here) and/or visit PUBLICATIONS and STUDY NOTES pages.


Phone or text me on 0419 310 958 to get started with these life-changing study methods that will help students get HIGHER scores on exams, essays and other VCE English coursework rankings (ATAR).

Or email me on: 

Note from Dr Lopez:

English Tutoring is what I DO full time. That means I have to be the best at what I do, because unlike most tutors, it is my MAIN occupation, NOT a side line business.

  • I have tutored from Primary years to PhD level in English and most Arts and Humanities subjects.
  • I focus on VCE English to help you succeed there, but while we do this I also provide you with advanced study skills to help you with all your subjects.
  • What I teach you will set you up for a smooth transition into university, so you get a head start while others will wish they know what you know.

While teaching you English, I also teach you about the psychology of assessors.  This enables you to factor into your essays the decisive elements that put them into such a positive frame of mind that they are thinking of rewards rather than scanning for mistakes.

I know what makes Assessors tick – I know where the very top marks are found – and I fully understand the Australian education system and the VCE exams

  • Not only are my tutoring methods highly effective, you will enjoy the lessons and share a laugh or two as your ability and knowledge improves.
  • My intention is that eventually you can look back on this tutoring experience as one of the most rewarding educational experiences in your life.

I provide the quality education you always wanted for your son or daughter from which they will benefit all their lives, so they succeed at school and simultaneously set themselves up for success at university. I use the mentor-student or master-apprentice approach, which is the best form of education possible. I am a published author, so your son or daughter will be learning from someone who knows the skill sets to be a writer. This is a quality service, not a generic one, so I do not go door to door. I have valuable resources here (including a photocopier) and we work in my library. This is a service for those who want quality. However, I am close to public transport and ample parking is available nearby.

FOR STUDENTS: I will provide you with an enriching and enjoyable educational experience that you will eventually look back on fondly as laying the foundation of future educational achievements. Grades are extremely important and they should be a priority, but a quality education is its own reward. And another thing, you will no longer be alone. For whatever makes you anxious, I can fix it.


Specialist English Tuition – designed to help students who want higher ATAR scores to study Law or Medicine.

ABC – Interview with Dr Mark Lopez

Read more about Dr Mark Lopez, English Tutor for VCE, ATAR, SACs and exams.

  • Specialist English Tutor Mark Lopez PhD has over 25 years of expertise in English Tutoring for high school students.
  • His areas of expertise include helping students get higher scores for VCE English, particularly essays and exams.
  • He has published two effective Study Guides (The Little Black Schoolbook – Volumes 1 and 2) published by Connor Court Publishing.
  • Students benefit from Dr Mark Lopez’s expertise in:
    • reducing exam stress
    • effective learning methods
    • higher scoring strategies
    • essay writing techniques
    • VCE SACs scores and ATAR rankings

Specialist English Tutor – Publications, Study Guides and Resources

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