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William Shakespeare, Henry IV Part 1 (c. 1597)

Henry IV Part 1 (c. 1597) is one of William Shakespeare’s most popular history plays chronicling England’s turbulent monarchy.  Although the play sides with the King and against the rebels, it examines the moral complexity of a king seeking to quell civil strife and restore order when he was formerly a usurper and committer of regicide.  While the play presents the rebel nobles as men of honour, it sides with Henry IV as a strong ruler deserving of respect and loyalty and who saved his kingdom from civil strife and division. 

Although dealing with the reign of Henry IV, the play is arguably more about Prince Hal, the man who would become the next king, Henry V, the heroic soldier-king whose military victories in France greatly expanded English territory on the continent.  In its treatment of Prince Hal, the play shows how an errant son, who is a disappointment to his father, can later come good and prove his worth.  Shakespeare seems to be reassuring worried fathers that a son who leads a wasteful existence can know when it is time to change and assume mature responsibilities.  Prince Hal will make his father proud, saving his father’s life, defeating his foes, and demonstrating the qualities of a great future king. 

The play pays much attention to how the errant Prince Hal had fallen in with Falstaff, a loveable rogue who represents a ‘bad’ influence on a young man.  But Prince Hal is shown to know that he is born into a role of great responsibility and he will have to distance himself from men like Falstaff when the duties of his rank take precedence.  The play also compares and contrasts Prince Hal to Hotspur, a brave knight of the same age who does the right thing by his father while Prince Hal does not.  Hotspur, whose hunger for valour and volatile temperament made him an impressive man but Prince Hal was shown to be greater, defeating and slaying him at the Battle of Shrewsbury.  Prince Hal thereby proved himself to have the qualities of a great leader and to be a worthy son of a king.

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