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George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949)

George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949)

George Orwell was a democratic socialist who was vehemently opposed to Stalinism.  He wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) as an essay on political morality that served as a penetrating critique of totalitarianism.

The novel provides a humanistic warning of the threats posed by totalitarianism to intellectual liberty, reason, historical truth, as well as to human dignity, individuality, the pursuit of happiness and the expression of sexuality.

Orwell was particularly concerned about the tendency of many British intellectuals to support Stalinism, so the text gives considerable attention to the threats that Stalinism posed to intellectuals by destroying the opportunities for the emotional sincerity and empirical objectivity that intellectual creativity requires. 

This novel, which is set in a grim totalitarian society in the not-to-distant future, makes many ominous references to the oppressive system that existed in the Soviet Union in order to warn British intellectuals and others that Stalinism has betrayed its socialist ideals and produced a society much worse than the one it sought to replace.

For example, it makes reference to the use of the mass media to disseminate deceitful propaganda, the brutal use of political police, prisons, and labour camps to eliminate dissent, the use of an elaborate system of electronic surveillance devices and informers to enforce ideological conformity, the manipulation of language for political purposes, the use of real or fabricated external or internal threats to mobilise the masses, the indoctrination of youth, the destruction of reminders of the past (before the revolution) and the corruption of historical knowledge, the decrepit failure of a centrally-planned economy, and the institutionalisation of a leadership cult.

In addition, Orwell argues that Stalinism is socialist in name only, having abandoned its principles of equality and social justice in favour of the creation of a privileged elite that has ignored the welfare of the proletariat to instead become obsessed with oppression and the pursuit of power for power’s sake. 

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