Book Meanings and Film Meanings – Dr Mark’s The Meaning in a Nutshell

This page contains Dr Mark’s ‘Meaning in a Nutshell‘ for books, films, plays, short stories, poetry and other texts.  Covering the meaning of books, films and plays used in schools, these concise meanings can help students and teachers work effectively through the material. Dr Mark Lopez is also available for private English Tutoring in Melbourne. All rights reserved.

Dr Mark’s Meaning in a Nutshell

Student and teacher resources for Hannah Kent’s book, Burial Rites

Meaning of Burial Rites (Book) — By Hannah Kent 

Student and teacher resources for Truman Capote’s book, In Cold Blood

Meaning of In Cold Blood (Book) — By Truman Capote

Student and teacher resources for Hannie Rayson’s play, Extinction

Meaning of Extinction (Play) — By Hannie Rayson 

Student and teacher resources for Mary Shelly’s book, Frankenstein

Meaning of Frankenstein (Book) — By Mary Shelly 

Student and teacher resources for Rear Window, a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Meaning of Rear Window (Film) — Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

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