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Specialist English Tuition for higher scores for university entrance | Melbourne

English Tutoring Review | Law

‘Dr Lopez’s tuition provided me with a sense of extreme confidence in my English abilities. Consequently, I was able to outperform many of those whose only advice and guidance was provided by teachers who never seemed to go beyond “Do the best you can”. Dr Lopez’s tuition allows his students to stand out.’

Ying, English 45/50, ATAR 98.45, graduated to study LAW

English Tutoring Review | Understanding High School English

‘I walked out of my first lesson almost overwhelmed by how well I understood all those complex ideas. I knew I had a tutor who could actually teach the high level of writing skills for this demanding subject. It was a great feeling when my marks improved dramatically, especially when one of my essays was used by my class teacher as an example for the other students to follow.’

Duy, ATAR 96%

English Tutoring Review | Arts and Law

‘Dr Lopez doesn’t just teach you English, Politics or History. He teaches you about the world. He teaches you about human nature. His approach is unique and unrivalled. It will bring you the results you know you deserve. It will bring you the success you’re striving for.’

Christian, who graduated to study ARTS/LAW

English Tutoring Review | Impressed Parent 

‘I personally felt privileged to be able to sit in as a parent during the lessons, and I found them not just stimulating but fascinating in terms of his vast knowledge but also in his ability to ignite and elicit students’ interests in lateral thinking. Alexander and Aspasia stated to me that Dr Lopez has been a milestone in their outlook and approach to learning and to life.’

Pauline, medical practitioner and mother of Aspasia and Alexander

English Tutoring Review | Pharmacy | Melbourne

‘Dr Lopez is amazing.’

Aspasia, English 41/50, ATAR 98.2, graduated to study PHARMACY

English Tutoring Review | High results | Medicine

‘I’ve never had so many ‘As’ and ‘A+s’ when it actually counts. It’s awesome.’

Alexander, English 41/50, ATAR 98.95, graduated to study BIO-MED then MEDICINE

English Tutoring Review | Exam success | Law | Melbourne

‘Dr Mark Lopez provided me with the best possible material and taught me how to tailor it to produce the highest grade with each examiner.’

Connie, 50/50 English, went on to study LAW

English Tutoring Review | Improved student | Melbourne

‘Working with Dr Lopez has proved to be funny, insightful and enjoyable. Unlike teachers at school, Dr Lopez makes ambiguous concepts clear in a concise manner as well as revealing the depth behind simple ideas. At school, I’ve always been getting ‘As’. However, Dr Lopez has shown me simple and effective ways of converting already good marks into perfect marks. Thanks.’

Yang, English 39/50, ATAR 97.55

English Tutoring Review | Entrance into Medicine | VIC Australia

‘Dr Lopez’s English lessons allowed me to reach my full potential and beyond. His well-structured and detailed study notes helped me unlock the many intricacies and nuances of English, and his assistance was instrumental in my success. Thank you Dr Lopez.’

Peter, 50/50 English, went on to study MEDICINE.  Peter was the beneficiary of small-group tuition

English Tutoring Review | First ‘A’ in an English final exam | VIC Australia

‘I’m truly grateful for your tutoring and for the compassion you’ve shown towards helping me despite me at times being completely off track. I will 100% recommend you to all my mates and family as you are great at what you do.’

Cameron, who came from behind to achieve an ‘A’ for the final exam, his first ever in English

English Tutoring Review | Breakthrough in VCE English | VIC Australia

‘I told my [Maths] Methods tutor I had the best English tutor in the state, and it turns out he had Mark for the last year when he was in year 12.  He agreed he is the best’

Finn, came from around a 50% average throughout year 11 (before tutoring with Dr Mark Lopez) to an ‘A+’ average throughout year 12, including an ‘A’ for the final exam and an ATAR of 94.65.  Finn was the beneficiary of small-group tuition but he also had several individual lessons when close attention to his drafts and exam-practice essays was required. 

English Tutoring Review | English Prize | Arts

‘Hi Mark – just want to share with you (as Harry won’t because he considers it “bragging”) – he won the school Yr 12 Award for English – to be presented at speech night.’

Sue,  mother of Harry who received straight ‘As’ and ‘A+s’ for English to go on to study Arts  

English Tutoring Review | Ongoing benefits | Fashion Design

‘I owe it to Dr Lopez for being accepted into a highly selective and competitive tertiary program.  Four years on, I continue to apply his knowledge with great success.’

Lida, who went on to study her first choice, Fashion Design   

English Tutoring Review | Son admitted into selective entry high school | Proud Father 

‘Mark is an exceptional tutor who has been helping my son from a ‘C’ to an ‘A’ in a very short time … What is more important is that my son feels much more confident in his English capability and recently he was able to secure a spot in Year 10 at Melbourne High school.  As a father, I’m so proud of my son and feel very grateful for what Mark has done.’

Michael, father of Tommy who was accepted into MHS   

English Tutoring Review | Ongoing love of knowledge | Commerce

‘I am writing this to inform you of my heartfelt thank you for giving me the potential to learn, analyse, and understand how the world operates on a more scholarly, intellectual, and sophisticated level … You have been such a great influence and inspiration.  You’ve set a great example for me to follow.  Your enthusiasm and passion for knowledge and wisdom is contagious!’

Lyn achieved almost straight ‘As’ for English to qualify for Commerce, her first choice, ATAR 90.55 

English Tutoring Review/ learnt so much

‘Thank you for tutoring me in English VCE! I have learnt enormous amounts of knowledge that would have taken me years to discover. You have helped me to think more critically and clearly in all aspects of life. I have learned politics, logical reasoning, and how to write a proper essay (not that 5 paragraph BS).’

Dennis, year 12 2022, ATAR 90.75

English Tutoring Review/Different perspectives

Thank you for being such a helpful tutor who not only helped me improve my grades, but also exposed me to different perspectives on various issues which I would not have known otherwise.  I will always be grateful for the profound knowledge and insights you have provided me.

Chris, year 10, 2022, ‘As’ for English


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