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Mark Lopez PhD is an expert private tutor, historian, author, and media commentator on the state of Education in Australia. Dr Lopez is the author of The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics 1945-1975, which is studied in Australian universities and around the world.

An advocate for changes to the Australian Education System, he has published study notes, commentaries and insightful study guides for students navigating the Education System in Australia.

Dr Mark Lopez’s insightful guides to success in the education system

  • The Little Black Schoolbook Volume 1 (Essays)
  • The Little Black Schoolbook Volume 2 (Exams)

These study guides have helped many students succeed in the current Australian education system. These publications are best used sequentially, but can be ordered individually

Dr Mark has also published FREE STUDY NOTES (“Text Meanings in A Nutshell” Tutoring Study Note Series).

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Dr Lopez’s Publications and Education Resources for Students preparing for VCE and ATAR 

The Little Black Schoolbook v.1 – by Dr Mark Lopez – Study Guide


The Little Black School Book: Volume 1. – Essays
The Secret to Getting Straight ‘As’ at School and University

Mark Lopez

ISBN:  9781921421075  Book Price: $29.95 AUSTRALIA

Overview of THE LITTLE BLACK SCHOOLBOOK – Volume 1 – Essays (Author: Mark Lopez, PhD)

  • Helps you understand how the Australian education system really works
  • Demonstrates how to turn the Australian education and VCE/ATAR system’s strengths and weaknesses to YOUR advantage.

The Little Black School Book does for education what Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince did for politics.

  • The Little Black School Book (Volume 1 – Essays) covers:
    • research
    • essay writing
    • clear thinking
    • expression
    • in innovative ways that give students solid skills and confidence.

But more than this, The Little Black School Book shows students what goes on in examiners’ minds and, more importantly, how to capitalise decisively on this insight.

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The Little Black Schoolbook Volume 2 – Exams

By Mark Lopez, PhD (Study Guide for higher VCE, ATAR, SACs and Exam scores)

Author: Mark Lopez, PhD

ISBN:  9781921421075  Book Price: $29.95 AUSTRALIA


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Book Price: $29.95 AUSTRALIA

Overview of THE LITTLE BLACK SCHOOLBOOK – Volume 2 – Exams (Author: Mark Lopez, PhD)

  • The Little Black School Book (Volume 2 – Exams) provides you with powerfully effective exam techniques.
  • It offers comprehensive coverage on exam planning, preparation and performance.
  • This book aims to liberate you from pre-exam jitters.
  • Dr Mark Lopez helps you cultivate the personal qualities that make success more likely. He explains the examination system, including what goes on in examiners’ minds.
  • As well as showing you how to get A’s from capable, competent educators, these indispensable insights also reveal how to consistently triumph EVEN if your examiner is biased, jaded or prejudiced.

Mark Lopez PhD – Presentations and Radio – Media

ABC Radio National – Counterpoint program – Launch of The Little Black School Book by Mark Lopez PhD


Dr Mark Lopez’s latest book: School Sucks

Read more here or download Chapter 1: The scourge of the five paragraph essay (and TEEL) for free.

School Sucks book by Dr Mark Lopez

Watch Dr Mark Lopez’s Book Launch VIDEOS on YouTube

The Little Black School Book, Volume 1, Book Launch Speech – October 2008


The Little Black School Book, Volume 2, book launch speech, September 2009


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