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An important NOTE on the Education System in Australia

Dr Mark Lopez is an expert Media Commentator with insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the Education System in Australia. He has published several books in relation to Education including The Little Black Schoolbook Volumes 1 (Essays) and Volume 2 (Exams). Dr Lopez also wrote The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics 1945-1975, which is studied in Australian universities and around the world.

Mark Lopez PhD has appeared on television discussing needed changes to the Australian Education System.

Dr Mark Lopez’s insights into the Australian Education System

Dr Mark Lopez is passionate about helping students learn how to gain higher VCE and ATAR rankings in their English studies.

  • Flawed ‘progressive’ teaching techniques encourage teachers to turn LESSONS into ‘activities’ and ‘discussion groups’ rather than real lessons that impart the knowledge and skills needed  for mastering their subjects
  • This progressive approach can waste precious classroom time
  • It can also achieve very little for students who are interested in:
    • LEARNING valuable knowledge
    • IMPLEMENTING useful best-practice study and exam-taking methods
    • HONING their essay writing skills for higher marks
  • He is strong advocate for reforms in the Education System in Australia

A note from Dr Mark for parents and students:

“My tutoring is intended to counter problems with the Education System in Australia by imparting valuable, relevant knowledge and vital English skills in a friendly, relaxed yet effective learning environment.”

Read what his student’s have to say about his tutoring or search for him on Google.

Australian Education System Expert Media Commentator, Mark Lopez PhD, is author of The Little Black Schoolbook 1 Essays, and the Little Black Schoolbook 2 – Exams.

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